So, I have tried to compile some laws related to Christmas Day that exists in the United Kingdom .

  1. It is illegal to kill game birds on Christmas Day.

S.3 of the Game Act 1831 states that it is an offense to: “Kill or take any game, or use any dog, gun, net or other engine or instrument for the purpose of killing or taking any game, on a Sunday or Christmas Day.” According to S2 of the Act,  “the word “game” would include hares, pheasants, partridges, grouse, heath or moor game….” The Game Act 1831 is an Act of Parliament to protect the game birds.

  1. Illegal to sell Christmas Crackers to persons younger than 12 years.

Christmas Crackers, also known as bon-bons are part of Christmas celebrations in UK, Ireland and Commonwealth countries like Australia and Canada. According to Section 2 of The Pyrotechnic Articles(Safety) Regulations 2015, “Christmas rackers means a paper or foil tube, crimped at each end, enclosing novelties and with one or more snaps running alone the length of the tube.” According to Section 31, An economic operator must not make a pyrotechnic article available on the market in the United Kingdom to a person younger than 12 years for a Christmas cracker.”

  1. The Christmas Day(Trading) Act 2004, prevents shops over 280 m²/3,000 sq ft from opening on Christmas Day in England and Wales.
  1. According to Section 183, of the Gambling Act 2005, “premises shall not be used to provide facilities for gambling on Christmas Day. This Act mainly applies to England and Wales, and to Scotland.
  1. It is not illegal to eat mince pies on Christmas Day. The only time eating mince pies was illegal was in 1644 as 25th December fell on a legally mandated day of fasting.


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